Justin Williams

CG Artist / Maya Generalist

Amylin: Symlin

A four-part series of short  videos designed to inform and educate health care providers about Symlin, a synthetic form of amylin, used for glucose control in diabetes patients. The bouncing cubes serve as a intros and outros for each of the four pieces. Their semi-transparent sides display images from the videos, giving the viewer a glimpse of what’s about to come, or a reminder of what they’ve just seen.
[jwplayer config=”Overlay – 720×480″ file=http://www.mobius3d.com/qt/Symlin_950x534.mov image=http://www.mobius3d.com/thumbs/symlin.jpg width=”950″ height=”534″]

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  1. peacefrog says:

    This project looks awesome!

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