Justin Williams

CG Artist / Maya Generalist

Bakugan: Bakublasters!

While the “Huge destruction!” and “Total domination!” promised by this Bakugan spot might be a stretch (or perhaps not, in the hands of 5-8 year old boys?), it was nevertheless pretty fun to work on. Below is some look-development I did envisioning these little plastic toys as metal battle-worn machines of destruction (cont.)

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From the Japanese words ‘baku’ and ‘gan,’ meaning ‘to explode’ and ‘sphere,’ Bakugan are small plastic balls that pop open into Bakugan monster action figures when rolled onto the game’s cards.

The concept of the spot (below) was to show the Bakugan doing battle in their arena, highlighting the new “baku disc” in all of it’s destructive glory. Of course no arena can contain the sheer power of the Bakugan, who eventually break out in to the real world revealing a massive Armageddon scene.

The spot uses live action footage of the practical toys, combined with CG Bakugan and other CG elements.


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