Justin Williams

CG Artist / Maya Generalist

Gear4/Apple: “UnityRemote Control”

A 60 second in-store commercial for the Gear4 UnityRemote control.  The spot uses an exaggerated cartoonish style that allows it to have a little fun with the remote control’s “universal” abilities. In this cartoon world not only does the UnityRemote control your movies, music and live TV, it can actually transform and morph the entire room. (In one version it could even make you a sandwich!)
[jwplayer config=”Overlay – 720×480″ file=http://www.mobius3d.com/qt/Gear4_UnityRemote_960x540.mov image=http://www.mobius3d.com/thumbs/gear4.jpg stretching=”uniform” width=”950″ height=”564″]

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Agency: EvLab
Client: Gear4Apple

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