Justin Williams

CG Artist / Maya Generalist

Madonna: “Nymph”

Basically a re-telling of the classic “girl meets caterpillar, girl loses caterpillar, fish helps girl find caterpillar-who-is-now-a-butterfly” love story. (Ok, maybe it’s not a classic. But in this case the Girl is Madonna, and what Madonna wants, Madonna gets!)

The three minute piece was projected onto 3 enormous screens during Madonna’s Sticky Sweet Tour. It was one of several such pieces shown during set/wardrobe changes in-between songs. The visuals are accompanied by a re-mix of the Eurythmics’ song “Rain” and two live dancers.

[jwplayer config=”Overlay – 720×480″ file=http://www.mobius3d.com/flvs/Nymph/M_Sticky_Sweet_864x474_1800.flv image=http://www.mobius3d.com/thumbs/nymph_tour_thumbnail.png width=”864″ height=”486″ stretching=”fill” volume=”80″] Above: The video projected during the concert. Below: The original video used in the above projection.

[jwplayer config=”Overlay – 720×480″ file=http://www.mobius3d.com/flvs/Nymph/Nymph_1200.flv image=http://www.mobius3d.com/thumbs/Nymph_thmb_wide.jpg width=”864″ height=”316″]


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