Justin Williams

CG Artist / Maya Generalist

Motorola: “Fergie/Rokr U9”

A 60-second TV spot launching Motorola’s ROKR U9 mobile phone. Directed by surrealist fashion photographer David LaChapelle, and starring the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie.

The music comes to life in the form of fashion-inspired notes emanating from the phone. They waft through the air, transforming Fergie’s attire as they pop like bubbles against her. The notes continue to drift out to the street, LaChapelle-ifying unsuspecting passers by, and turning the entire block in to Fergalicious dance party!

[jwplayer config=”Overlay – 720×480″ file=http://www.mobius3d.com/qt/motorola_960_H.264_med.mov image=http://www.mobius3d.com/thumbs/Motorola.jpg width=”950″ height=”534″]

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