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Bakugan: Bakublasters!

Bakugan: Bakublasters!

While the “Huge destruction!” and “Total domination!” promised by this Bakugan spot might be a stretch (or perhaps not, in the hands of 5-8 year old boys?), it was nevertheless pretty fun to work on. Below is some look-development I did envisioning these little plastic toys as metal battle-worn machines of destruction (cont.) From the […]

Gear4/Apple: “UnityRemote Control”

Gear4/Apple: "UnityRemote Control"

A 60 second in-store commercial for the Gear4 UnityRemote control.  The spot uses an exaggerated cartoonish style that allows it to have a little fun with the remote control’s “universal” abilities. In this cartoon world not only does the UnityRemote control your movies, music and live TV, it can actually transform and morph the entire […]

Amylin: Symlin

Amylin: Symlin

A four-part series of short  videos designed to inform and educate health care providers about Symlin, a synthetic form of amylin, used for glucose control in diabetes patients. The bouncing cubes serve as a intros and outros for each of the four pieces. Their semi-transparent sides display images from the videos, giving the viewer a […]

Audi A6

Audi A6

Rituxan: “van Vollenhoven”

Rituxan: "van Vollenhoven"




GM: “Arrows”

GM: "Arrows"

Motorola: “Fergie/Rokr U9”

Motorola: "Fergie/Rokr U9"

A 60-second TV spot launching Motorola’s ROKR U9 mobile phone. Directed by surrealist fashion photographer David LaChapelle, and starring the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie. The music comes to life in the form of fashion-inspired notes emanating from the phone. They waft through the air, transforming Fergie’s attire as they pop like bubbles against her. The […]

Build-A-Bear: “Teams”

Build-A-Bear: "Teams"

UPS: “Earth”

UPS: "Earth"

UPS: “Efficiency”

UPS: "Efficiency"

UPS, “Efficiency” Look Development, Modeling, Animation, Rendering, Pre-composite.

UPS: “All Freight”

UPS: "All Freight"

UPS, “All Freight” – Look Development, Modeling, Animation, Rendering, Pre-composite.

Madonna: “Nymph”

Madonna: "Nymph"

Basically a re-telling of the classic “girl meets caterpillar, girl loses caterpillar, fish helps girl find caterpillar-who-is-now-a-butterfly” love story. (Ok, maybe it’s not a classic. But in this case the Girl is Madonna, and what Madonna wants, Madonna gets!) The three minute piece was projected onto 3 enormous screens during Madonna’s Sticky Sweet Tour. It […]

The Bucketlist: “Taj mahal”

The Bucketlist: "Taj mahal"

The Bucketlist, “Taj mahal” Digital set extension

Hawaiian Telcom: “Road Runner”

Hawaiian Telcom: "Road Runner"

Hawaiian Telcom, “Roadrunner” – Roadrunner Model, shading, animation. Laptop model (not incl. wheels)

Valvoline MaxLife: “Flying Car”

Valvoline MaxLife: "Flying Car"

MassMutual Financial

MassMutual Financial

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Disney Channel Rebrand

Disney Channel Rebrand

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Toon Disney: “New Year’s Eve”

Toon Disney: "New Year's Eve"

Toon Disney, “New Year’s Eve” Modeling, Lighting, Animation, Rendering.

Toon Disney: “Winter”

Toon Disney: "Winter"

Toon Disney, “Winter” Modeling, Lighting, Animation, Rendering.

Kids’ WB!: “Skating Robot”

Kids' WB!: "Skating Robot"

Kids’ WB!: “Souvenir Cup”

Kids' WB!: "Souvenir Cup"

Kids’ WB!, “Souvenir Cup” Character Rigging, Animation, Props Modeling, Rendering.

Kids’ WB!: “Crab”

Kids' WB!: "Crab"

Kids’ WB!, “Crab” Character Rigging, Animation, Modeling, Rendering.

Ernsdorf Design: Cast Concrete Bowls

Ernsdorf Design: Cast Concrete Bowls